Brain Enhancement Options

It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to enhance your brain, you only had one choice and that was to ensure you got adequate sleep, eat wisely and exercise often. However, today things have changed as although the above can still be done, there are now several different drugs that you could take that would assist in enhancing your brain. Mental enhancement options today are then now available and the option to take pills is becoming a very popular choice. Although there are many different brain enhancing pills available, some are not as effective as others and some are associated with side effects whilst others aren’t. These pills came on the market faster than probably intended as the movies Limitless and Lucy provoked interest in brain enhancing drugs, so much so that several different ones immediately became available, suggesting perhaps that their fully planned tests were not completed. Despite if they rushed on the market or not, they do seem to work as 80% of the people that have taken them have said that they noticed a difference however, the rush may be the reason why some people have complained of side effects such as headaches, nausea and insomnia after taking some of these pills. That is quite a success rate and improvements which have been noticed are in concentration, memory, both short term and long term, cognitive abilities and in many cases improved reaction times. What is perhaps not known, not yet at least, is if there are any long term side effects from taking these pills. This should be of particular concern to those people under the age of 25 as it is only at that age that the brain stops developing. It is not known if these drugs may have a prolonged effect on developing brains, meaning the brains of people under the age of 25. Ironically, it is the age group of under 25s that are the biggest users of these drugs ad 20% of college students are thought to have at least tried one or other of these pills.

Limitless and Lucy were of course science fiction movies and so, as in most cases, although often science fiction later becomes science fact, they are not usually exactly the same. In this instance; yes there are so called limitless drugs available but unlike in the movies, the pills will not keep on enhancing the brain without limits. In fact many have said that although the drugs do at first work, the dosage has to be continually increased in order for them to be effective. This is something that could lead to people becoming addicted to thee pills and that is not a good thing; no addiction is. There is little doubt though, that people will continue to use these types of pill and most will receive benefits from them however, if you are under the age of 25, you may want to first look at the old fashioned way of brain enhancement, sleep more, exercise more and think about what you eat.