Taking Care of the Young

When you are tasked with taking care of young people, infants and children, it is important that you know what to do if a health or medical emergency occurs whilst they are in your charge. To this end, a course and certification were devices following guidelines laid down by the American Heart Association (AHA). This certification became known as Pediatric Advanced Life Support or PALS for short and has been approved and accredited by the Accrediting Medical Education and Certification Commission (AMECC) and whilst immediately accepted as an official credential in the US, it was also soon recognized internationally to now be recognized in 98% of countries worldwide.

The course lasts 2 days in a classroom and is based around videos showing what actions to take in certain emergency situations. Although in the classroom students only watch and follow instructions on the video, a tutor is also there is answer any problems that a student may have in understanding any part or parts of the video. This course has now however, become available online where it can be studied 24/7, as when wished. The online course also affords certification but whilst a student that has passed certification has to wait for the certificate to be mailed to them, they are at least immediately given a digital card proving they have passed the certification test. Although the online course lacks the advantage of a tutor being present, many people actually prefer it as they can study the videos at their leisure and are also able to take the test multiple times if necessary in order to pass it.

Although being PALS certified is useful and could perhaps even save lives at less formal times, it is increasing being a required certificate when seeking employment anywhere where kids are cared for, especially if the kids being cared for are sick or injured. In some cases even doctors and nurses are required to be PALS certified but that is usually only in emergency rooms, critical care units and similar places. Often emergency response team members are required to be PALS certified. In all these cases, usually the production of the PALS certification card will be sufficient in securing the job.

As the PALS certification is subject to updates as advised by the AHA, it is possible at times that you will need to be recertified and if this does happen, you do not need to complete the whole certification course s instead, you can opt to take the recertification course. There are also therefore leading PALS recertification courses available online as well. Getting PALS certified today is a definite asset even if you do not mind children professionally as, even at home with your own kids, you may never know when this critical knowledge may save the life of a child, perhaps even your child. Since the course can now be taken online as well as in classroom, many more parents are opting to become certified so they know what actions to take whilst the emergency services arrive to take care of their child.