Treating Snoring

Although there is a proven solution to stopping snoring, as there are known to be over 9 million snorers in the US alone, not everybody is aware of this solution or just not wants to solve the problem. Unfortunately as often it is not the snorer that loses sleep from snoring and instead is those around them, many snorers do not take the trouble to even try and stop snoring. Many of those that do though will only consider self-help methods instead of more reliable methods which have been proven to work. As snoring is said to be sometimes caused by irritation to the nasal passage, some people have considered that their snoring could be due to dust on their pillows and so change their pillow cases daily. Others have even gone to the trouble of stopping smoking in case the passage is being irritated by the smoke. A more common cause of snoring though is blocking or partial blocking of the nasal passage which can occur when some lies on their back. For this reason some people may go to great lengths to ensure that they do not roll onto their back whilst sleeping. Lying on your back though is not the only thing that can cause the passage to become blocked, it could become partially blocked because the stomach is overweight from a meal eaten late at night and so some people will avoid eating just before retiring for the night. Alcohol can cause the muscles which keep the passage open to become too relaxed and so some give up drinking alcohol. Others that know that irregular sleep can lead to snoring; take up strict sleeping regimes in the hope that that will help them stop snoring. Among the more recent snoring treatment solutions are devices like strips that you can buy for placing on your nose at night. Although some of these treatments may work for some people, in the vast majority of cases, most people who try one or more of them only have limited positive results. This means that there is only one proven solution to stopping snoring and unfortunate as it may seem, it includes surgery. The surgery though is minor as it only involves widening the nasal passages and is not at all painful, either during the procedure or after it. So in order to allow those that sleep around you from suffering from sleep lose, sometimes to the extent where they can become ill, if you snore you should seek advice from your doctor. It is of course possible that the doctor may recommend something other than surgery but as surgery is perhaps the only proven method to stop snoring, it is that which they will probably recommend. With aesthetic of course, you will not feel anything but even after the effects of the aesthetic have worn off, there is said to be no pain and nor are there any scars as evidence of surgery, unless your skin is sensitive.